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ΙΟBE/FEIR Notes on Economic Facts
Economic developments have proliferated since the outbreak of the 2008 global financial crisis. Since then, opportunity assessment and risk analysis have a differentiated impact on assessing economic prospects of countries, companies, individuals and measuring financial strengths. Increased production of economical information (statistics, reports, estimates) and especially fast dissemination, facilitated by high internet usage and platforms for social networking, have also changed risk assessment. However, abundance of information has made sorting the most useful and reliable information a difficult task.

IOBE researchers also face these conditions during surveys. Accordingly, the need to provide analysis and information on economical issues besides ordinary survey topics has emerged. In order to contribute to better management of the plethora of economical information, primarily on the Greek economy, as well as on global economy, the “IOBE Notes on Economical Facts" briefs provide short analyses of statistics and reports right after their announcement. Besides focusing on information of certain interest, an objective of these briefs is to identify factors defining figures and trends, their correlation with other figures, developments etc. The short analyses are carried out by a team of IOBE researchers and scientific associates, bearing accumulated knowledge and expertise on the examined subjects.
  The electronic means of payment and tax evasion (03/09/2015)
  VAT: Structure, rates and implementation (15/5/2015)
  Fiscal consolidation, 2010-2014 (7/4/2015)
  Recovery of the Greek economy in 2014, with a likelihood of a reversal (19/3/2015)
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