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Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research
Aims & Functions
The Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOBE) is a private, non-profit, public-benefit research organisation. It was established in 1975 with the dual purpose of promoting research on current problems and prospects of the Greek economy and its sectors and of generating reliable information, analysis and proposals for action that are non produced elsewhere and can thus be of high value to policy makers in the context of economic policy making.

In that sense, IOBE holds a unique position in Greek society: it is the only politically independent, non-partisan body dealing with major issues of the economy, and it aspires to being pro-active, that is, it seeks to identify, at an early stage, economic issues that can become crucial in the future and to propose timely solutions for these.

IOBE is enjoined by its statures to perform the following functions:
• To carry out applied research on basic structural and sectoral problems of the Greek economy as well as on various aspects of economic policy making.
• To monitor and analyse short-term economic trends, to record the business climate, and to prepare forecasts and evaluate prospects of the Greek economy.
• To provide reliable and continuously updated economic information about particular sectors of the Greek economy.
• To cooperate with foreign research institutions and international organisations on matters of common interest and to conduct multi-country research projects on economic issues and policies.
• To contribute to the public debate on economic issues.
• To undertake sponsored and commissioned research projects that fall within its aims and purposes.

In carrying out its research work, the Foundation maintains a position of academic freedom and neutrality. The judgements expressed and the proposals contained in IOBE's publications are solely the responsibility of the researcher/writer and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of IOBE's members, governing bodies of financial supporters.
Organization Chart
Authorized Users Authorized Users are:
a) the in force members of the Board of Directors of IOBE,
b) the registered members of the Supporters Club of the Foundation, and
c) those firms / institutions involved in the Business Surveys and wish to have online access to the questionnaires and the results of the surveys.
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Aims & Functions
Organization Chart
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