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Research Activities
Microeconomic Analysis
The aim of this department is to analyse the developments in the main economic sectors, in manufacturing and services branches, in households and regionally, as well as to assess their role to the domestic economy. At the same time, it aims at recording and evaluating the effects of the adopted domestic and EU monetary, fiscal and income policy measures on the performance of the various branches of the three main sectors of the economy, on consumer behaviour and on the development process of the various geographical regions. Moreover, part of the work of the Microeconomic Analysis and Policy department focuses on the analysis of the markets’ structure and on the identification of their characteristics with the use of primary and secondary data.

The results of the research activity in this field are published in sector studies, special reports, studies of competition and strategies, as well as in evaluation studies of the competing perspectives of the various geographical regions. Since 1975 the year of establishment of the FEIR, more than 200 sectoral studies have been published. The results of the research work are presented in closed and open meetings and are published in Greek press and international journals. To fulfill the above objectives the department collaborates with business executives, sector federations and chambers, research departments of banks, ministries and educational institutions, international research institutes and other relevant organisations.

The most recent work of this section includes studies for manufacturing and services branches in Greece such as energy, telecommunications, tourism, food and beverages, clothing, building materials, household equipment, insurance, textile, retail etc. The topics of these studies include an assessment of the economic impact from specific investment initiatives, changes in taxation regimes and other institutional changes, as well as a competitiveness analysis of various industries and geographical regions. In addition, the Observatories for Entrepreneurship, Health Economics and the Electricity sector are also included in this department.
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The Health Price Index of EL.STAT and the cost of Private Health Insurance (20/04/2017)
The pharmaceutical market in Greece: Facts & Figures 2015-2016 (16/03/2017)
The pharmaceutical market in Greece: Facts & Figures 2014 (23/12/2015)
A strategy study for the Pharmaceutical Industry. (10/11/2014)
The pharmaceutical market in Greece: Facts and figures 2013 (21/07/2014)
Annual Report for the Pharmaceutical Market 2012 (03/03/2013)
Development prospects of the Greek pharmaceutical industry (01/02/2013)
Health Expenditures and Health Policies The Memorandum Period In Greece (01/09/2011)
Annual Report for the Pharmaceutical Market 2009 (01/02/2010)
Annual Report for the Pharmaceutical Market 2008 (01/02/2009)
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