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Research Activities
Clinical Trials Observatory
Clinical trials stand as a unique opportunity for Greece’s Economy, as they contribute to the growth of the economy, the increase of productivity, the advancement of health infrastructure, the promotion of research and development and the international acknowledgement of the Greek scientific community.

Based on this, the Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOBE) established the Clinical Trials Observatory. The aim of the CTO is two-fold: to contribute to the development of the clinical trials sector in Greece and highlight the importance of the sector's contribution towards a sustainable economy and health care system.

IOBE’s studies have demonstrated that for each investment of €10 million in Greece there is an overall increase of €22 million in the GDP, an additional increase of €5.18 million in state revenues from taxes and social security contributions and 436 new jobs. At the same time, studies of other organizations highlight the fact that the approval of a clinical trial may lead to a €500,000 net increase of the country’s GDP.

Clinical Trials Observatory’s action plan includes:

· Surveys and studies that analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as the advances and trends of the sector, at a national, European and global level

· The mapping of Clinical Trials opportunities for Greece, that stem from the developments in the sector

· The planning of a comprehensive strategy towards the removal of obstacles that hinder the development of the sector in the country

· The increase of awareness and mobilization of all stakeholders towards the encouragement and promotion of Clinical Trials in the country

· The build-up of a culture that recognizes biomedical progress as a structural element of the social well-being and welfare

· The coordinated and continuous delivery of information to all stakeholders regarding Clinical Trials

Vasilis Kontozamanis is taking up the post of Scientific Director of the Clinical Trials Observatory.
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