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Research Activities
Macroeconomic Analysis
Studies in the field of macroeconomic analysis have been one of the core activities of ΙΟΒΕ since it was founded. These studies analyse the evolution of macroeconomic figures and structural characteristics of the Greek economy which are crucial for its growth prospects (e.g. business investments, productivity, competitiveness, export performance, structure and efficiency of the labour market, structure and function of the banking system, etc.), but they also provide the major trends in key macroeconomic indicators (such as GDP, unemployment etc.) and highlight the factors that will mostly affect them.

One of the core activities of IOBE is the monitoring of short-term economic developments and prospects of the Greek economy. To accomplish this goal, the Foundation makes extensive use of a strong empirical instrument, the Business Surveys. The information provided by the surveys differ from those derived from traditional statistics, as they are based on beliefs and evaluations (perceptions) of entrepreneurs. Information of this type are valuable and widely used in Greece and abroad as clear and timely indicators of the business climate.

The publication of the quarterly "Report on the Greek Economy", in which ΙΟΒΕ comments on the recent economic developments, focusing at the same time on the medium-term forecasts for the Greek economy, is also part of the ongoing macroeconomic analysis.

The range and quality of the research projects conducted in the field of macroeconomic analysis by ΙΟΒΕ and its timely interventions to the public debate on relevant issues, have contributed to the strengthening of the Foundation’s credibility as an independent and objective research organisation, which contributes to the formation of economic thought in Greece.
The contribution of the bilateral economic relations with Germany to the economy of Greece in 2022 (28/06/2024)
Report on social and economic trends across the Greek regions, Issue 1, March 2024 (11/03/2024)
Τhe contribution of the bilateral economic relations with Germany to the Greek economy in 2021 (28/03/2023)
Report on the Greek Minimum Wage, 2023 (09/02/2023)
The Spirits Sector in Greece: Contribution to the economy and prospects (13/07/2022)
Τhe contribution of the bilateral economic relations with Germany to the Greek economy in 2020 (04/05/2022)
Τhe footprint of the German business community οn the Greek economy (06/04/2021)
The new growth model for Greece and financing through the Greek Stock Market (19/03/2018)
ICT Adoption and Digital Growth in Greece (10/06/2015)
Informal Employment in Greece (02/12/2012)
The Macroeconomic Effects from the Utilisation of Private Property Owned by the Greek State (01/05/2012)
Development of a System for the Competitiveness of Greek Enterprises in Select Sector (02/02/2012)
Evaluation of support actions a) Micro and Small Enterprises and b) Freelancers that are materialized under the NSRF 2007-2013 framework (01/10/2011)
Structural Changes
Fiscal Policy
Microeconomic Analysis
Education and the Greek Economy
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