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Research Activities
There is wide consensus that a nation’s level of entrepreneurial activity significantly determines its economic development, competitiveness, level of employment and social prosperity. However, research on entrepreneurship has flourished only since the 1990s.

The Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE) has been the Greek partner in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) project since 2003. GEM is the only truly global research project, which studies entrepreneurship both from an intertemporal as well as a cross-national comparative perspective, through its annual surveys. Drawing upon its participation in GEM, IOBE founded in 2007 the Entrepreneurship Observatory with a dual objective:
a) to run surveys on aspects of entrepreneurship that are of particular interest in the Greek context, and
b) to produce policy papers that may contribute to the design of more effective measures for the promotion of entrepreneurship in Greece.
Annual Entrepreneurship Report 2021-2022: Decline of early-stage entrepreneurship during the pandemic crisis (11/05/2023)
Annual Entrepreneurship Report 2020-2021: Mild impacts of pandemic on early stage entrepreneurship (11/04/2022)
Annual Entrepreneurship Report 2019-2020: Significant increase of early stage entrepreneurship (23/12/2020)
Annual Entrepreneurship Report 2018-2019: Early stage entrepreneurship improves (11/12/2019)
Annual Entrepreneurship Report 2017-2018 (21/11/2018)
Annual Entrepreneurship Report 2016-2017: Early stage entrepreneurship rates decrease (18/12/2017)
Entrepreneurship 2015-16: A turning point for the growth dynamics of the business sector (01/12/2016)
Entrepreneurship 2014-2015: The dynamics of the Greek Entrepreneurship System during the Crisis (18/02/2016)
Entrepreneurship in Greece 2013-14: The Dynamics of Youth Entrepreneurship (01/04/2015)
Entrepreneurship in Greece during 2012-13: Are there any Signs of Recovery in Small Entrepreneurship? (26/02/2014)
Entrepreneurship in Greece during 2011-2012: The Enterpreneurship Indicators during the Crisis (31/01/2013)
Barriers to Commercial Utilization of Innovations in Greece (15/07/2012)
Manufacturing Prospects in Greece (02/05/2012)
Entrepreneurship in Greece during 2009-2010 (09/12/2010)
Entrepreneurship in Greece during 2007-2008 (08/12/2008)
Women Entrepreneurship in Greece 2006-2007 (22/11/2007)
Entrepreneurship in Greece during 2006-2007 (16/11/2007)
The Operational Programme : Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship 2007-2013 (01/11/2007)
The Entrepreneurship in Greece 2005 - 2006 (01/11/2006)
The Entrepreneurship in Greece 2004 - 2005 (01/10/2005)
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