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Research Activities
Structural Changes
The focus of economic policy during the last decades is on proper planning and implementation of structural changes in the functioning of markets (goods market, services market, labour market, etc.), aiming at the maintenance and strengthening of economic growth and employment. There exist various market distortions in the Greek economy, undermining its growth prospects, as well as the development of economic activities. They also act as a deterrent to foreign direct investment. The FEIR, with its specialised studies on structural changes, highlights the obstacles to the competitive functioning of markets and suggests ways to remove them, taking also into account the international best practices in relevant policy areas. Moreover, in order to clarify the benefits stemming from the implementation of the structural changes, the quantification of their effects in terms of GDP growth, income per capita, employment, increased tax revenues etc is usually part of the conducted analysis. The studies of the FEIR on the content and impact of the structural changes in the Greek economy are often a point of reference in the public debate. Furthermore, various reports of international organisations refer to their results, as well as scientific researches on the benefits arising from the implementation of reforms.
The demographic issue in Greece: Challenges and policy proposals (08/06/2022)
Occupational insurance in Greece: Challenges and prospects (03/02/2022)
Greece and the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility, 2021 (25/10/2021)
Evaluating the impact of labour market reforms in Greece during 2010-2018 (22/02/2021)
European semester e-conference on Greece 2020 (24/11/2020)
Macroeconomic and socioeconomic impact of the privatisation programme of the Hellenic Republic (15/07/2020)
Integrating Greece into the European Semester policy framework: Priorities for sustainable growth and competitiveness (27/06/2019)
Effects of structural reforms concerning sectors of tradable goods - services (28/06/2017)
The impact of the privatisation of the Thessaloniki port on the Greek economy (22/06/2017)
The economic impact of the privatization of the Piraeus port on the Greek economy (08/03/2016)
The role of structural reforms and the outlook for the Greek economy (20/05/2014)
The concession and development of the Hellinikon area as a growth driver for the Greek Economy: An assessment of the macroeconomic impact (02/04/2014)
Making the internet thrive in Greece: Social and economic barriers (19/12/2012)
Improving the Internship Scheme in the Educational Sector (01/03/2012)
Expense and health policies during the MoU period (03/11/2011)
Best Practises in Mining of Non-Energy Minerals (15/09/2011)
Liberalization of the Notary Profession (01/05/2011)
Private Primary and Secondary Education in Greece: Challenges and Prospects (10/01/2011)
Evaluating the impact of labour market reforms in Greece during 2010-2018 (0/0/)
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