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Research Activities
Fiscal Policy
The importance of designing a sustainable fiscal policy framework emerged in Greece in the most abrupt manner after the sharp rise in the budget deficit in 2008-2009 and the loss of access by the Greek State to the international capital markets in the beginning of 2010, causing its inability to refinance its debt. Through its studies on fiscal issues long before these developments, the FEIR had highlighted the potential threats that could lead to sharp fiscal imbalances domestically had proposed numerous ways to address and encounter them. The subjects of the studies on fiscal issues include the designing of policies to achieve fiscal consolidation, both on the state revenue side and on the expenditure side. The effect of implemented and potential fiscal policies on the economic activity of enterprises, as well as on households’ income and on public finances is also estimated and suggestions are made for their improvement. Strategies for the restructuring of the public sector are also included in the examined fiscal issues. Furthermore, the budget implementation is monitored and a debt sustainability analysis is regularly performed.
Estimating the macroeconomic impact of pension reform scenarios in Greece (29/06/2021)
Differential taxation and its impact on the promotion and achievement of public policy objectives (03/12/2020)
Pension reform and economic growth (15/04/2019)
Real Estate Taxation and the prospects of the Construction Sector in Greece (12/11/2018)
Income Taxation in Greece: Comparative Analysis and Reform Proposals (29/04/2018)
The impact from the planned increase in the excise duty on tobacco products (28/11/2016)
The economic impact of the increase in excise duties on fuels in Greece (10/10/2016)
Evaluation of the Current Taxation Regime for Tobacco Products in Greece (25/09/2014)
Flat Income Tax Rates. A Fresh Start ? (05/12/2013)
Equating the Excise Duty Rates on Heating and Diesel Oil (06/09/2013)
R&D tax incentives in Greece (01/05/2012)
The impact from the levy of an excise duty on natural gas consumption. (15/12/2011)
Pensions :Beyond the First Pillar (10/11/2011)
The Spirit Sector in Greece: Problems and Prospects (04/11/2011)
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