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Report on social and economic trends across the Greek regions, Issue 1, March 2024
Category: Macroeconomic Analysis
SubCategory: -
Date: 11/03/2024
The report, in the context of a collaboration between IOBE and the Regional Policy Observatory, aims to systematically monitor, highlight and interpret social and economic indicators across the regions of Greece. The report’s first issue focuses on the following themes: (a) demographics, (b) economic activity, (c) entrepreneurship, (d) financial sector, € labor market, (f) social services and inclusion, (g) culture and tourism, (h) spatial planning and environment. Among the main findings, there are opportunities for progress and convergence in a series of areas. Indicatively, (a) the reduction and ageing of population, even if they are a national challenge, they appear to have limited intensity in specific regions, (b) the concentration of economic activity in Attica is very high, while this region exhibits by far the highest GDP per capita, (c) competitiveness metrics vary significantly among regions, without signs of convergence, (d) economic performance of island regions has been positive lately, in areas such as labor market, growth rates and financial system inclusion, € the heterogeneity among regions remains high in issues related to income inequality, health services, social protection and population share at risk of poverty.

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