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The development of self-care and the benefits to public health and national economy
The aim of the study is to define self-care and self-medication in Greece and Europe, to analyze the Greek and European market of O.T.C., as well as to describe social and economic benefits of the proper development of self-care in Greece. In addition, a quantitative primary research analysis describes the perception of citizens and pharmacists about self-care, self-medication and O.T.C products....
The contribution of passenger shipping to the Greek economy
The study aims to analyse the latest data and developments in passenger shipping, to underline the importance and the potential of the sector and to highlight the challenges that it still faces. The study presents the latest changes in its key figures, analyses its performance in comparison with that in other European countries, examines the factors that drive the demand for passenger shipping, analyses the financial performance of the ...
Tertiary education in Greece: Impact of the crisis and challenges
The scope of the study is to analyse the challenges faced by the higher education sector in Greece, in order to contribute to the formation of the new production model of development of the Greek economy, based on knowledge, skills, entrepreneurship and innovation. In this regard, the study draws policy implications aiming to contribute to the preparation of a plan for the utilisation of the higher education in order to achieve a sustai...
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The Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOBE) is a private, non-profit, public-benefit research organisation.
  It was established in 1975 with the dual purpose of promoting research on current problems and prospects of the Greek economy and its sectors and of generating reliable info... Read More  
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Next report of Business and Consumer Surveys concerning Februaryresults, will be released on March 1,  2018.

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