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Educational inequalities in Greece: Access to higher education and impact of the crisis
Category: Education and the Greek Economy
SubCategory: -
Date: 14/05/2019
The purpose of the study is to examine the evolution of the social characteristics of the student population in Greece and to explore the impact of the crisis on: a) the access of young people to Greek tertiary education; and b) the equality of educational opportunities. In particular, the aim of the study is to investigate the following questions: A) What were the conditions of accessing tertiary education based on the social and educational characteristics of the student families in Greece, following the big enlargement of the tertiary education in the country before the onset of the crisis? b) How have the economic and social changes that occurred during the crisis influenced the social composition of the student population and the access to higher education since 2009? c) How did the social composition of the student population evolve before and after the outset of the crisis across different categories of institutions, geographical locations, fields of study and individual institutions in each tertiary education sector? d) What gender differences prevailed in the access to tertiary education prior to the crisis and how were they affected during the crisis? (e) What conditions of access to tertiary education prevailed before the crisis for migrant children (second generation) who had settled in Greece before the crisis and how were these conditions affected during the crisis? (f) Has the decline of household disposable income during the crisis affected the study choices of the students and, in particular, the choice to study at their place of residence? In what way?

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