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Research Activities
Integrating Greece into the European Semester policy framework: Priorities for sustainable growth and competitiveness
Category: Structural Changes
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Date: 27/06/2019
The European Commission in collaboration with the Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research - IOBE organized a one-day Conference in Athens, Greece, on Wednesday 20 March 2019, entitled “Integrating Greece into the European Semester Policy Framework : Priorities for sustainable growth and competitiveness”. This report summarizes the individual conference sessions and highlights main takeaways. The conference inter alia achieved the following objectives:
• It raised awareness about the European Semester, the role of Greece in the post-memoranda era, as well as the role of the Structural Reform Support Service in providing technical support to several growth enhancing reforms.
• It provided insights about international and EU best practices and policies in relation to improving the business environment, boosting competitiveness, reducing administrative burden, and fostering innovation.
• It highlighted policy priorities in order for the country to transform the recent crisis into an opportunity, particularly in the areas of the regulatory framework and business environment, in order for the economic recovery to be long-lived and sustainable.
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