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Passenger shipping in Greece in 2016-2020: Performance, economic contribution and prospects
Category: Microeconomic Analysis
SubCategory: Others
Date: 12/01/2021
The scope of the study is to present the latest developments in passenger shipping in Greece and the challenges that it faces and to highlight its contribution to the Greek economy at national and local level. The contribution of passenger shipping to the economy includes the direct, indirect and induced effects of the transportation services by sea (domestic and Adriatic passenger routes), together with the wider effects associated with the development of other sectors (such as tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and exports) through freight and passenger transportation over regular shipping routes. The total contribution of the coastal maritime sector, in terms of GDP, is estimated at €13.6 billion or 7.4% of the GDP of Greece in 2019. In terms of employment, its contribution is estimated at about 332,000 jobs (8.5% of total employment). In addition, its contribution to public revenues is estimated at approximately €3 billion, whereas the employee salaries supported by the development of passenger shipping in the country are estimated at almost €1.8 billion.
Download PDF file (Adobe Acrobat).

Download PDF file (Adobe Acrobat).
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