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Occupational insurance in Greece: Challenges and prospects
Category: Structural Changes
SubCategory: -
Date: 03/02/2022
The study examines the prospects and challenges of occupational insurance in Greece. It describes the institutional and operational setup in Greece and abroad, the trends during the last two decades, while it highlights its potential contribution towards easing macroeconomic imbalances through narrowing the savings and investment gaps. Following a clear mapping of restrictions that occupational insurance faces in Greece, the study highlights the sector’s medium-term prospects and offers policy recommendations, aiming to promote the sector’s development, in line with good international practice. Policy measures concern four axes,

(a) the licensing and supervisory framework

(b) organizational and operational issues

(c) financial incentives for the sector’s sustainable growth

(d) broader interventions boosting the complementarity among the three social security pillars.

Through the use of macroeconomic simulations, findings corroborate that strengthening occupational insurance can lead to substantial capital reserves accumulation which enhance new investments. The positive impact is estimated to be more pronounced to the extent that labor force share participation in the scheme and the duration of such participation are higher.

To see the press release and the presentation of the study please click on the attachments below:
Download PDF file (Adobe Acrobat).

Download PDF file (Adobe Acrobat).
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