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Research Activities
Report on the Greek Economy

The FEIR publishes four times a year its bulletin «The Greek Economy», whose main purpose is to analyse the current economic developments in Greece, Europe and globally, as well as to make predictions about the course of the Greek economy in the medium-term. The report consists of three sections. The first section summarises the major developments in the global economy, laying emphasis on the EU economy. Moreover, trends in the economic sentiment in Greece are presented, on the basis of the relevant indicators from the business and consumer surveys of the European Commission, published in Greece by the FEIR. The exerted economic policy and budget implementation are also evaluated by the report, together with the promotion of the structural reforms. In the second section, the recent trends in the domestic macroeconomic fundamentals and the relevant medium-term forecasts are analysed, along with the recent developments in the economic activity of the key sectors and subsectors of the Greek economy (industry, construction, services). Moreover, the course of exports of goods is indexed and mployment and inflation trends, along with their specific characteristics are recorded. Additionally, the second part of the report analyses the recent developments in the balance of payments. A survey on a topical issue is presented in the third section. A brief overview of the three sections of «Τhe Greek Economy» bulletin precedes them.

The FEIR’s «The Greek Economy» bulletin is considered by the Greek and international community as one of the most prestigious publications for the Greek economy. Its publication usually receives wide publicity and it is used as a reference by journalists, businessmen and politicians.

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  The Greek Economy (Fourth quarter)     Report Presentation
  The Greek Economy (third quarter)     Report Presentation
  The Greek Economy (second quarter 2023)     Report Presentation
  The Greek Economy (First quarter 2023)     Report Presentation
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